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Jolly Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Jolly Elementary School Goals :

At Jolly Elementary School, we will improve our students’ overall literacy skills through speaking, writing, reading, and listening, and implementation of the Georgia standards of Excellence. Literacy is important in all of the content areas: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
  •  Increase Lexile Scores at (ALL LEVELS). 
  •  Increase overall CCRPI score (ALL LEVELS) by moving students from MEETS the standard to EXCEEDS the standard.
 Jolly Elementary School will utilize a universal screener in reading and mathematics to assess current skills and potential areas of improvement.
We also provide the following extra-curricular activities for our students.
Art Club
Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl
                                                 Journalism Club
Safety Patrols
Soccer Team
Step team
Technology Club