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Jolly Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Beanstack Introduction

What is Beanstack

Beanstack is a digital platform that Jolly uses to track independent reading time and help build a culture of reading in school and at home. Beanstack makes it easier for you to help kids track reading, keep kids motivated to read and provide feedback and insights into the reading habits at your school. Students and teachers may get to Beanstack by clicking on the icon in Clever. Click on the links below to view the Beanstack works.
Beanstack Student Experience - In this video, we introduce students to Beanstack and show how to log reading, complete activities, write reviews, and view your reading log. 
Beanstack Teacher Experience  - In this video, we review the teacher's experience on how to log on behalf of a class, view a reader profile for an individual student, how to view data using insights and reports, and how to log your own reading.